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Courses at van der Valk

The course will be held at Hotel van der Valk, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Hotel Location

Nijverheidsweg 35
6227 AL Maastricht
The Netherlands
Google Maps Link

Arriving by Car

If you arrive by car, just use the Google Maps Link to obtain directions depending on your starting point. There is free parking at the hotel.

Arriving by Train/Bus

If you arrive by train, you have a couple options. If you leave the train at the main station in Maastricht, then you can take bus number 350 in the direction Aachen (the bus leaves every 15 minutes the last time I checked; you can also check here for departure times). Take the bus to the Akersteenweg stop (this takes about 10 minutes). From there, it's about a 5 minute walk to the hotel (walk back a bit on the Akersteenweg in the direction from where the bus came, then turn left into the 1 Juliweg, then right into the Nijverheidsweg).

Alternatively, if you leave the train at Randwyck train station, it takes about 10 minutes by foot to get to the hotel (just cross the bridge, follow the Joseph Bechlaan, then turn left into the Demertstraat).

Hotel Accommodations

If you need hotel accommodations, the most convenient place to stay will be at Hotel van der Valk, which is also the course location. In general, a useful website for hotel accommodations in and around Maastricht can be found here.

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